Slime Attack Launched

You are a cat named Mittens, and slimes are your enemy. It's kill or be killed, so let the mayhem begin! Tap and drag to move and collect as many coins as you can. The coins will let you buy upgrades to help reduce those dirty slimes into puddles of... slime. Fight as long as you can in the colosseum of death! With dangerous projectiles flying all over the place, how long can you last? That remains to be seen.

Slime Attack features 11 upgrades, most of which can be upgraded as many times as you can afford with the coins you collected. There are 5 types of slimes, from ones that charge at you to teleporting mages that shoot splitting fireballs. Battle it out in 5 different environments, experimenting with different playstyles and combinations of upgrades.

You are the ultimate cat, with infinitely more than 9 lives. Show them what you are made of!


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Aug 23, 2022

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